Latest names for baby boys and girls with meaning(s).

Welcome to We have a comprehensive list of 2878 Hindu Baby Boy Names, 1474 Hindu Baby Girl Names, 584 Sikh Baby Boy Names, 600 Sikh Baby Girl Names, 3384 Muslim Baby Boy Names and 2746 Muslim Baby Girl Names. The list has been organised alphabetical for easy reference along with meaning(s) and Hindi version of Hindu Names and Punjabi version of Sikh Names.

If you are here we congratulate you on becoming parent or parent to be. Deciding the name of the child is gracious and at the same time very difficult.

It's important to give a good and meaningful name to the child as this will be their identity for the rest of the life. We recommend parents to decide a unique but meaningful name which also respects your culture. Lots of parents regret the name decided once it's officially on the certificate, it's only afterward they realize that it is very common or weird nicknames out of that can be extracted. Name from which good nickname can be easily extracted should be the way to go. Avoid a name which can sound funny

So, take your own good time, consider all the above factors while deciding.

Finally all the best!


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