Muslim boy names starting with E for your prince!

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EasauVariant Of Issa: The Biblical Jesus Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name
EbiIn parsi meaning is : Paternal
EbrahimFather Of Many
EdizOf high position; they have a lavish lifestyle
EdricVigorous; Robust man
EesaaVariant Of Issa: The Biblical Jesus Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name
EfeOlder brother; one who has massive strength and love
EhanFull moon
EhtiramHonour, Respect
EisaArabic Form Of Jesus
E'jaazMiracle, Astonishment
EjazMiracle. Astonishment.
EkbalIn Hindu meaning is : Lord Shiva's daughter
El AminTrustworthy
EldarOne who is born to fight with fire
EliasIn American meaning is : Jehovah is God
ElyasVariant Of Ilyas: The Biblical Elijah Is The English Language Equivalent
EmadIn parsi meaning is : Confidence
EmetHope, Aspirations
Eminit means someone who is trustworthy or confident.
EmirCharming prince
Emmada leader.
Emrea friend who is loving or an older brother.
Emreethis name means an older brother or a loving friend.
Emryan older brother or a loving friend is signified by this name.
Enayatgrace, kindness or blessing.
Encarnathis name means someone who is blessed or kind.
Enderin Turkish language it means scarce.
Ensarit means helpers.
Enverit means bright.
ErachBelonging To Iran
Erag goshihPower Of Hearing As Sharp As Thousand Ears
EranLand Of Aryans, Iran
EranvejLand Of Aryans
ErekhshaArcher Who Decided The Boundaries Of Iran
Erena Turkish word meaning saint.
ErezataSilver, Of Silver
ErezuHonest, Sincere
ErezwaRighteous, Holy
Erginripe, matured or seasoned.
ErmanFriend, God
Erolit means brave.
ErvadReligious Teacher
EsaIn Sanskrit meaning is : Desirable; another name for Visnu
EsamIn Hindu meaning is : safeguard
EsfandiarA Character In Shahnameh
EsfandyarA Character In Shahnameh
EshaanDesiring and wishing