Sikh girl names starting with H for your princess!

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NamePunjabi VersionMeaning
Haimaਹੈਮਾ A name for Goddess Parvati adopted by the Sikhs
Hansaਹੰਸਾ The gracefulness of a swan
Harbakshਹਰਬਖਸ਼ A gift granted by God
Harleenਹਰਲੀਨ Feminine of harley
Harsheedaਹਰਸ਼ੀਦਾ One who spreads joy across the entire world
Harveenਹਰਵੀਂ A person who always ensures to love another
HaryathThe name for a wonderful and brave woman
Haspiraਹਸਪਿਰਾ As bright as the star in the evening sky
HeydiaA pleasant and charming young woman
Hirominਹਿਰੋਮਿਨ The one who keeps the home warm and comfortable
Hurriyaਹੁੜਿਆਂ A free, liberated and confident girl
Husainaਹੁਸੈਨ An extremely beautiful and pretty girl
Hushaimaਹੁਸ਼ਿਮਾ A woman who is modest
Husnahਹੁਸਨਾਹ A girl with impeccable beauty of the eternal