Muslim boy names starting with A for your prince!

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ArhamMercy, Compassion, most kind, Quranic name
AyaanGift Of God, Reward, Generosity
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people
AyanGif Of God, Reward, Blessing
AzlanLion, Brave, Courageous man
AnasAffection, Love, A perosn with qualities of joy and peace, Sahabi name
AliThe High, Champion, Exalted One, islamic fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing
AabidWorshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows
AadamVariant Of Adam. The Biblical Adam Is The English Language Equivalent.
AadroopEmbodiment of the Beginning-less
AafeenTo Forgive Mistake
AafiTo Forgive
AafreenBrave, Acclaim
AafsarRapidly That Works
AaghaThe word means Someone in control over something, Lord, chief
AaghaaThe name aaghaa means Someone in control over something, Lord, chief
AaghaaMaster, Owner
AahidThe Commitment
AaiedThe Relapse
AaienDarwish adjectives
AakiTo Establishment
AakifGiven, Attached
AalamWorld, Universe
AalamgeerConqueror Of The World
AalifCompassionate, Affectionate
AalimMan Of Learning, Wise
AamadIntended To
AameenFaithful, Trustworthy
AamerRuler, Who Ordered
AamilWorker, Effective
AaminGod Have It So
AaqaaMaster, Owner
AaqibIn Sindhi meaning is : Follower
AaribHandsome, healthy.
AarifAcquainted, Knowledgeable, Devotee
AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High Mountain
AarzamWar, battle, quarrel.
AarzuWish, hope, love.
AasNaga keep names of the leading Sahabi
AasaalEvening Time, Real, Pure
AasafClear, Lined Up
AasilTo Attack Violently And Persistently
AasimIn Muslim meaning is : Protector
AatazazBe Dear
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing
AazaadVariant Of Azad: Independent, Free
AazamSupreme, Powerful
A'azzMightier, Stronger, Dearer, More Beloved
AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companion
Ab'abOftnessl Gracefulness Of Youth, Healthy, Plump, Tall
AbabilCrowd, Band, Swallow
AbadahEndurance, Durability, Strength, Worshippers
AbadiEternal, Endless, Immortal
AbadiyaIbn al Abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style.
AbadullahTo Worship Allah
AbahhAl-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun
AbaidGod'S Worshipper; God Knows
AbakhtarPlanet, North
AbanOld Arabic Name Dual Of Abu
Aban8Th Month Of The Iranian Calendar Name Of A Certain Angel
AbanjarTall, Stout
AbannTall, Strong
AbannakFirm, Strong
AbarSon Of Arphaxad And Grandson Of Shem.
AbaravandAbove All
Abarin notavanGreat Rejuvenator
AbarunkohuntavanLord Of Creation From Time Unknown, Preserver Of Ancient Things
AbasinThe Indus River.
AbayBeing talented
AbbaIn hebrew meaning is : Father
AbbasLion, Grim-Faced, Stern; The Name Of One Of Mohammed'S Uncles ; (Hebrew) Father
AbbasiPertaining To Abbas
AbbasiyahPertaining To Abbas
AbbudWorshiper Of Allah
AbdSlave. Servant
Abd Al AlaSlave of the High
Abd KhayrKhayr is all kinds of goodne
Abd manafServant Of Manaf
AbdaalTo manage.
AbdahNick name of Abdur - Rehman
AbdalSubstitutes, Persons By Whom God Continues The World In Existence
Abd-al-alimServant Of The All-knowing
Abdal-atiServant Of Allah
Abdal-azizServant Of The Mighty One
Abd-al-bariServant Of Allah
Abdal-fattahServant Of The One Who Gives Nourishment
Abdal-hadiServant Of The Leader
Abd-al-hakimServant Of The Wise
Abdal-hakimServant Of The Wise One
Abdal-halimServant Of The Patient One
Abdal-hamidServant Of The Praiseworthy One
Abd-al-jabbarServant Of The Mighty
Abdal-jabbarVariant Of Abdal-Jabir: Servant Of The Comforter
Abdal-jabirServant Of The Comforter
Abdal-jawwadServant Of The Noble One
Abdal-kadirVariant Of Abdul-Qadir: Servant Of The Capable
Abdal-karimServant Of The Generous One
AbdallaServant of God ( Swahili origin )
Abdal-lafifServant Of The Kind One
AbdallahServants Of Allah
Abdal-majidServant Of The Glorious One
Abdal-malikServant Of The King
Abd-al-matinServant Of The Strong
Abdal-mufiServant Of The Donor
Abdal-muhsinServant Of The Charitable One
Abd-al-qadirServant Of The Capable
Abdal-qadirServant Of The Capable
Abdal-rahimServant Of The Compassionate
AbdalrahmanServant Of The Merciful One
Abdal-rahmanServant Of The Merciful
Abd-al-rashidServant Of The Guided
Abdal-raufServant Of The Compassionate
Abdal-raziqServant Of The Provider
Abdal-razzaqVariant Of Abdal Raziq
Abdal-salamServant Of Peace
Abd-al-samiServant Of The All-hearing
Abdal-wahabServant Of The Giving
AbdanIs derived from abd
AbdarGlassy,Shiny clean
Abdar-rahmanVariant Of Abdal Rahman: Servant Of The Merciful
AbdeelIn biblical meaning is : A vapor, a cloud of God.
AbdelServant Of God
Abdel-adirVariant Of Abdal Qadir: Servant Of The Capable
Abdel-atiServant Of Allah
Abdel-azizServant Of The Mighty One
Abdel-fattahServant Of The One Who Gives Nourishment
Abdel-gawwadServant Of The Noble One
Abdel-hadiServant Of The Leader
Abdel-hakimServant Of The Wise One
Abdel-halimServant Of The Patient One
Abdel-hamidServant Of The Praiseworthy One
Abdel-kadirServant Of The Capable
Abdel-kerimVariant Of Abdal Karim
Abdel-krimVariant Of Abdal Karim
Abdel-lafifVariant Of Abdal Lafif
Abdel-malikVariant Of Abdal Malik
Abdel-mufiVariant Of Abdal Mufi
Abdel-qadirVariant Of Abdal Qadir
Abdel-salamVariant Of Abdal Salam
Abder-rahimVariant Of Abdal Rahim
Abd-er-rahmanServant Of The Merciful One
Abder-rahmanVariant Of Abdal Rahman
Abder-raziVariant Of Abdal Raziq
Abder-razzaVariant Of Abdal Raziq
AbdiAbbreviated Form Of Abdul
AbduWorshiper of god (swahili origin )
Abdud DaarServant of the Depriver
AbdulServant Of God
Abdul AakhirServant of the Last
Abdul AaleeServant of the Most High
Abdul Abdel Abd AlServant (of Allah)
Abdul AdheemServant of the Most Great