Muslim boy names starting with O for your prince!

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OguzMeans most valuable, priceless, treasurable person
OkanA person of a noble form. Or have decent and noble looks.
OlcayChampion, conqueror, leader, victor.
OmairIn Muslim meaning is : Problem solver
OmarLong-lived,Elevated,follower Of The Prophet.
OmariFlourishing, Thriving
OmarrIn american meaning is : Highest; follower of the Prophet
OmeirIn Muslim meaning is : Long living
OmerFirst Son
OmeroIn greek meaning is : Security,pledge.
OmmarFirst Son
OmranSolid Structure
OmriIn biblical meaning is : Sheaf of corn.
OnurRighteousness or decency or integrity or morality
OrangWisdom, Understanding
OrhanMeek in spirit or manner.
OsmanIn American meaning is : Servant of God
OsmanekOne with an expressive and vibrant nature; chief
OsmarIn American meaning is : Divinely glorious
OsmenOne who is born to show the right path
OssamaOne Of The Names Of The Lion
OtarPasture, meadow
OthmanIn german meaning is : Wealthy
OwaisFearless, Experienced Person, Companion of Prophet
OzanA bard; a story teller and a composer
OzgeA unique and different individual