Muslim boy names starting with W for your prince!

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WaahibVariant Of Wahib: Liberal, Donor
WaahidIn Muslim meaning is : Single; Exclusively; Unequaled
Waa'ilVariant Of Wa'il: Coming Back (for Shelter)
Waa'izVariant Of Wa'iz: Preacher, Advisor
WaamiqVariant Of Wamiq: Loving, Friendly
WaathiqVariant Of Wathiq: Confident, Strong
Wadee'Variant Of Wadi': Calm, Peaceful
WadiIn Hindu meaning is : calm,peaceful
Wadi'Calm, Peaceful
WadoodFriendly, Loving
WafeeqVariant Of Wafiq: Successful
WaferMore frequent
WafiFaithful, Loyal
WafidIn Hindu meaning is : Sky
WahabForgiver, Giver Of
WahajLight, Is Very Bright
WahdatUnity, Loneliness
WaheedUnique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalled
WahhaajVariant Of Wahhaj: Glowing, Sparkling
WahhabIn Muslim meaning is : One of the ninety-nine names of God; munificent
WahhajGlowing, Sparkling
WahibLiberal Donor
WahidSingular, Unequalled
WaiedAdmittedly promise
WailIn Sindhi meaning is : Returner.
Wa'ilComing Back (for Shelter)
Wa'izPreacher, Advisor
WajaahatVariant Of Wajahat: Esteem, Credit
WajeehVariant Of Wajih: Notable, Eminent, Noble
WajibCompulsory, at the necessary
WajidOne Who Finds (Origin Arabic)
WajihNoble, Eminent
WakeelAgent, Representative.
WaleedNewborn Child.
WaliGovernor, Lord
WalidNewborn Child
WaliyuddeenVariant Of Waliyuddin: Supporter Of The Faith
WaliyuddinSupporter Of The Faith
WaliyudeenIn Muslim meaning is : Supporter of the Faith
WaliyullahSupporter Of God
WamiqLoving, Friendly
WaqaarVariant Of Waqar: Dignity, Sobriety
WaqarDignity. Sobriety.
WaqasSolider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant, Name Of A Companion
WaqeeHigh, Raise
WaqidLover, Fan
WardIn american meaning is : Guard
WaridMessenger, Incoming
WariqThe beautiful leaves tree
WasafThe Very Definition
WasaqThe Contract
WasatTo Moderate
WaseWide Spacious
Wasee'Wide, Spacious
WaseemGraceful. Handsome. Good Looking.
WaseeqTestament, contract
WasefPure, good excellent
WasfWonderful character
WashidHappy Exhilaration
WasiBequest What Happen
Wasi'Wide, Spacious
WasifThe Definition
WasilInseparable Friend
WasiqIrrevocable, strong
WastiExcl pen
WathiqConfident, Strong
WazeerVariant Of Wazir: Minister, Vizier
WazirMinister, Vizier
WehdanSingle Deavely
WilaayatVariant Of Wilayat: Power, State
WilayatPower, State
WiraathatVariant Of Wirathat: Inheritance, Legacy
WiradMaking Space
WirathatInheritance, Legacy
WisalCommunion In Love